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February 14, 2011


When remodeling your kitchen, there are several things that affect cost. The two major contributors are:

  1. How drastic of a “renovation” are you planning? And
  2. What type of materials are you putting in your new space?

If you are on a tighter budget, consider leaving your layout as is, and simply replacing the elements, i.e.: cabinets, countertops, appliances, backsplash, plumbing fixtures. If you have a little more flexibility with your investment, consider re-arranging the layout. Work with a professional Kitchen Designer to help you achieve the best use of space that account for function, safety, ergonomics, aesthetics, and proportions. The other area to control the overall cost of the kitchen are the materials. Cabinets range anywhere from ready to assemble units that are stocked in a warehouse somewhere all the way to custom built and finished for your job. At S&W Kitchens all the cabinets we carry are pre-assembled and will arrive to your house ready to be installed. The prices are based on the wood, construction, finishes, and options.

Here are a couple ways to invest a little more to get a lot more “bang for your buck”:

  • Consider upgrading the color of your granite to a more exotic stone. Pick something out that is one-of-a-kind and that you don’t need to worry about your neighbor down the street having.
  • Consider doing a built up edge on your stone countertops (granite or quartz). This would change the thickness of your counters from 3cm to 6cm thick. This upgrade may only cost $500 more in the overall scope of the kitchen, but will make a big difference in the overall look. It’s a great way to get a high-end custom look at a minimal cost. *Be careful how these taller surfaces meet up with ranges.*
  • Add under-cabinet lighting to your wall cabinets. These are lights mounted on the underside of your wall cabinets that illuminate your work space and those beautiful new countertops. Remember this is something that needs to be pre-planned for, and wired by an electrician.
    Install larger tile floors with very small grout. You will pay a little more for installation for the tighter grout joints, but it is the look people desire and is worth the investment.
  • Cabinet hardware has come a long way. Consider mixing and matching types of hardware to give a more custom feel.
  • If you are doing an island, considering adding legs, molding, and decorative ends panels to give it a “furniture feel”. Also perhaps have the island finished in a different color with a different countertop material (also a great place for that thicker stone).
  • Install a custom designed tile backsplash, something one-of-a-kind that is perfect for your kitchen and your kitchen only. You can install a basic backsplash and spend $300 on materials or spend $1300 on materials and get a show stopping backsplash! These ideas are just a handful of ways to customize your new kitchen.

Contact one of our designers today for a personalized consultation at one of our showrooms. -Brooke Edwards, AKBD Feb 14, 2011

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