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February 20, 2024

5 Design Trends We Love in 2024

As cautious as we are to use the word “trends” (we always encourage our clients to choose designs they love vs. what's popular), we're pretty darn excited about the direction the new year is going!  We're welcoming several design trends in 2024 that you are sure to love as much as we do.   

Take a look at some of the trends that have been making their way into our projects lately!  

1. Darker Wood

We’re craving warmer tones through the home.  We find that our clients are opting for darker, rich stains more and more.  White has dominated the remodeling design industry for the past several years in cabinetry and products.  We still love white and timeless clean aesthetics, but we are also excited to introduce richer stains..

This serves as your reminder that you can mix painted, light and dark woods throughout a space. A  kitchen island in dark wood stain makes a statement while being grounded and contrasted with cabinetry, tile or flooring. 

2. Bigger Kitchen Islands

Our clients are requesting bigger kitchen islands as more and more homes are using the kitchen for socializing and spending time with family (hello weekday homework sessions) as well as cooking.  In addition to bigger kitchen islands, we also implement double kitchen islands when it makes sense for the space and the client's needs!   Talk to your designer about all the options available to you. 

2024 US Houzz Kitchen Trends Study

3. Coffee Bars

We are all about coffee stations.  A special area within the kitchen, pantry, and/or primary suite that sets your day up for success. You can accentuate this zone with a special touch, whether wrapping the cabinetry in wood or using an accent tile or wallpaper. Or, you can hide it behind closed doors with custom cabinetry. 

4. Walk-In Pantry

We’re outfitting our client's walk-in pantries with custom cabinetry, secondary appliances, and charming details. Make a statement with bold paint color or gorgeous wallpaper. Wood or coordinated painted shelves tie a cohesive look. If going the extra step with organization is your thing, then go for it! 

Other customizations we love to incorporate in custom pantries are produce bins, extra storage, the aforementioned coffee station, bar areas, additional beverage fridges, appliances and more.  

5. Pattern

Incorporating pattern with wallpaper, tile installations, flooring, and cabinetry continues to be popular. Homeowners are incorporating wallpaper into their homes more and more. Thankfully, technology of wallpaper adhesives has advanced so it won’t be as difficult to remove.  

For a more understated look, you may consider adding a small area of tile pattern to the backsplash behind the stove like the examples below. Another idea is add floor tile to a small room like a powder bathroom or laundry rather than continuing the hardwood.

Exploring current trends is certainly exciting and can spark some great ideas. Yet, it's crucial to remember that trends evolve and change over time. At S&W, we prioritize creating spaces that resonate with our clients' individual tastes and lifestyles. Whether you lean towards a clean and bright aesthetic, dark and moody tones,  pattern, charming vintage decor, or prefer a vibrant and eclectic atmosphere, rest assured, we're here to bring your vision to life! 

Stop by one of our 6 convenient kitchen and bath showrooms in Orlando, Tampa or Brevard to look at our full selection of products and to chat with a designer! 

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