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Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Ideas

March 18, 2024

The bathroom vanity is often the unsung hero of any bathroom space, quietly playing a pivotal role in both functionality and aesthetics. With its ability to marry aesthetics and function seamlessly, the bathroom vanity is an important element in your bathroom design scheme.

The wide range of vanities makes it easy to find one that fits your style preferences and space constraints. 

Bathroom Vanity Types to Consider

contemporary master bathroom remodel in winter park fl

Bathroom vanities are available in a range of types and design styles. Let's dive in! 

Floating Vanities 

Mounted to the wall, these units create a seamless, clean look. Floating vanities are a natural fit for bathrooms with a modern/contemporary design style.

Warm, contemporary master bath featuring floating vanities in Winter Park, Fl 

Stunning double floating vanity in Winter Park, Fl

Single Vanities 

Most bathroom remodels start with an important, simple question: does the bathroom need 1 or 2 sinks?  Single vanities are ideal for standard bathrooms like a hall bathroom, a powder room or a non-primary bathroom attached to a bedroom. Functionality considerations like storage and countertop size are very important depending on how you will be using the space.

Beautiful powder room in Tampa Florida with a single vanity in statement blue with gold accents. 

Luxurious Winter Park powder room featuring dark, moody colors and a dramatic slab backsplash that steals the show! 

Double Vanities

Offering two sinks, these are perfect for shared bathrooms and master suites.

contemporary and clean wood bathroom vanity in winter park fl

Freestanding Vanities

Freestanding vanities stand on their own. However, like a wobbly cafe table, a less than 100% stable freestanding vanity is 100% annoying and can lead to larger problems. Some kind of wall mounting for stability is usually a good idea – this can preserve the integrity of plumbing connections.

Wall to Wall Vanities

Spanning an entire wall, a wall-to-wall vanity is great for maximizing countertop space and storage possibilities.

Design Elements to Enhance Your Bathroom Oasis

The right design elements can transform your bathroom vanity into a true centerpiece. 

Incorporate decorative elements like painted cabinetry, hardware, lighting and beautiful backsplashes to fuse your personality with the space. Even minimalists can create a stunning bathroom design with their favorite color palette.

Browse through our bathroom portfolio for more design ideas!

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