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10 Ideas for Adding Color into Your Kitchen or Bath

kitchen with blue backsplash and blue island seating
April 2, 2024

Looking to infuse color into your kitchen or bath but unsure where to begin?  Whether you’re planning a fresh renovation or just want to add a pop to your existing space, here are several ways you can bring in a new color or two.

kitchen with blue backsplash and blue island seating

1. Tile or Stone Slab 

Your tile or slab is a great place to add in a pop of color.  You can add to the entire room or just one area such as the backsplash or shower. 

2. Your Cabinets

 Many designers and homeowners are turning to two-toned or contrasting cabinetry as a simple way to introduce color into a space. A popular option we often recommend is going with a neutral shade on the main cabinets and opting for a more striking hue for the island. For added visual intrigue, incorporate knobs and pulls in a bold finish, like gold!

3. Wallpaper

People sometimes think the only options for wall finishes in a kitchen or bathroom are tile or paint, but wallpaper can be a great choice as well.

If you are concerned about water issues, there are many wet-space-safe wallpapers available, or you can pair a wallpaper with a short backsplash. Either way, a playful wallpaper can add a dose of color and some fun pattern to a kitchen or bath as you can see in the examples shown. 

4. Wall Art

5. Wall Paint Color

6. Seating

7. Pendant Lighting

Modern LED bulbs can cast a large amount of light from a tiny source, which means you can now choose functional pendant lights in virtually any size and shape.

Your options are endless whether you want a dramatic statement or just want to add some charm without interrupting sightlines or feeling too “in your face.”

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8. Accessories and Decor

Add a pop of color with furniture or decor!   Whether its a strategically placed bench or open shelving with colorful accents or simply a lovely bowl filled with fruit, there are plenty of ways to infuse color with your decor. 

9. Colorful Appliances

10. Rugs

Adding a rug is another effective way of bringing colorful textiles into your space.  

A traditional rug like the one shown here manages to carry a lot of colors and yet also feel neutral, widening your color palette without leaving any one hue fighting for all the attention. Or you can choose a rug that brings in color from other areas as you can see in the floral laundry room below.  The options are endless and the best part is the rug can be easily changed out to freshen the look.