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Improve Your Home Decorations for the Winter with These Inspirational Tips

November 22, 2021

There’s something to be said about walking into a home and it’s decorated for the season. It just makes the environment feel cozier and welcoming! But when you live in Florida, it can be a little difficult bringing the right vibe to your home decorations - that Winter Wonderland feel.

So we asked top agents in Orlando, FL what their favorite tips for decorating for the winter season are. Here are our favorite responses.

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1. Decorate with evergreens

Evergreens, holly, and pine cones are a great way to bring the outdoors inside. But what do you do with them? You could create a wreath or garland using Leyland cypress, spruce (blue spruce is our favorite), and even pine limbs. You could accent either with pine cones, seasonal ribbon, or maybe a strip of burlap.

Another idea is to buy small potted evergreens and decorate them with gingham ribbon, fairy lights, and sprigs of holly berries to give it some color. There are so many ways you can use evergreens and their trimmings to decorate. Pinterest is a great place to get some ideas, too!

2. Decorate with white birch logs

Although you may not have a fireplace, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate like you have one. You can gather a bundle of white birch logs, wrap them with twine, and set them in a basket. If you don’t want to do that, you could stick them in a planter and stick evergreen limbs around them and accent it with a gold ribbon bow.

If you’re particularly savvy with power tools, you could core out holes large enough in a log to create a tea light centerpiece – you can also buy it if you prefer.

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3. Make things cozy with lanterns

For some reason, lanterns always seem to make any setting a little cozier, don’t you think? You can place them on table tops, shelves, counters, and even on steps – as long as you’re using LED candles for safety! We’re fond of taking lanterns of three different sizes and creating an arrangement on the dining room table. Inside the lanterns, you can put fairy lights, LED pillar candles, bits of evergreen and more.

4. Browse the thrift shop and flea market for décor

The thrift shop isn’t just a place to pick up cool vintage clothing or antique furniture. It’s a place where you can find cheap decorations that are still in great shape. Not only can you find seasonal decorations, but you could find other items that can be used to decorate for winter.

Just imagine a bundle of logs in a vintage red wagon or milk cans with a black and red gingham ribbon tied around it with a picture of a snowflake on the top?

5. Use textiles and cushions to create a cozy seating area

Even though we’re in Florida, sometimes you can’t go wrong with cuddling up with a warm blanket, a hot mug of cider and a good book. But, even if you don’t actually want to snuggle under a blanket, fuzzy blankets, quilts, and afghans are wonderful ways to make a seating area more seasonable. You also can’t go wrong with pillows and cushions!

You’ll also want to make sure you’re using seasonal textiles when you’re choosing the pillowcases and cushions. These include crushed velvet, linen, flannel, mohair, tartan and wool.

Usher in winter with seasonal décor

Winter is right around the corner! While you may not be spending a lot of time bundled up like our northern neighbors, there’s no reason why your home can’t be comfy cozy too! These are just a few winter home decoration ideas to get you started. Who knows, once you get started, you may come up with your own decorating ideas!