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6 Simple Steps for A Happy, Smooth, And Stress-Free Remodel

December 13, 2019

You’ve finally taken the plunge. Deciding to remodel your home is a big decision; one that can bring you more space, better designs and, most importantly, lots of joy! To get there though, we have just a few suggestions so there’s less stress into what should be an enjoyable transition. Now, sit tight and read through the simple steps listed below so you can enjoy a happy, smooth and stress-free remodel.

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1. Take a mini vacation (if you can)!

Renovation is messy. Your usual routine will more than likely be disrupted. There will be dust and depending on the work being completed, toxins may fill the air intermittently while your renovation team works to get the job done. Particularly if the renovation job involves gutting, moving out of the house is the best and sometimes safest option. Of course, this may not be an option for you – there are many factors to consider. However, if you can take a mini vacation away from the home, do it! This way, you (and your family) can be much more comfortable during the renovation process.*S&W Kitchens workers are expected to clean up the area as much as possible EVERY day they work! We also hang plastic to keep the dust from moving into the whole house and move appliances to other areas of the house if needed during the renovation.

2. Pick up the remote and change the channel – no more HGTV!

That’s right, we said it. We know you love to envision the new changes and you may already be decorating revised spaces in your mind. We don’t blame you. Home improvements are exciting! The problem is, with well-edited shows like those displayed on HGTV, expectations develop that may not be realistic. Your renovation crew won’t come in with a camera and there won’t be any editing to smooth out the bumpy reality. True renovation is dirty, chaotic, and your home may look completely disheveled at times. The process also takes longer than a weekend – or 30 minute show time!*S&W Kitchens’ teams will be there with you every step of the way!

Add Value to Your Home with Your Remodel

3. Patience. There are so many working parts; allow the professionals to do their work.

Good things take time. Remember to incorporate patience into your expectations and discussions. The renovation crew is there to bring your vision to fruition, and they’ll need patience from you during the process. Plus, a hurried job doesn’t often yield the best results.

transitional kitchen in tampa fl

4. Acknowledge that mistakes happen. Keep a forward-moving mindset.

Oh no! Something goes wrong. What do you do? For one, take a moment to breathe. We’re all human, after all. If a mistake is made – don’t fret. It can be fixed. Try to keep a flexible perspective; even when something goes wrong, there will still be so many ways to make it right!*Amen! S&W Kitchen will always make it right! Sometimes, things actually end up being better because creative solutions can work in your favor!

5. Pause. Respond (don’t react) and remember tip #3!

We get it. This is your home! You want it to be perfect. If a deadline is pushed or something unexpected happens, remember tip #3 – Patience. Coming into the renovation process with a realistic set of expectations, including flexibility on your end and patience in all interactions will keep you from being devastated if something doesn’t happen just the way you want at just the time you want.

6. Communication will always be your saving grace.

Most issues that arise during renovations can be prevented with extremely clear communication. Write down your questions (and write down the answers too!). When you, the super and the designer have open communication and can confirm everyone is on the same page, you will find that the process is smoother and the results even more fantastic!*Our team approach is an important part of our process – there is always someone ready to handle any issues.There you have it! It really is possible to have a happy and stress-free remodel. With just a few simple tips to remember, you will be well on your way to enjoying the fruits of your investment in your home! And you know what? You deserve it.