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2023 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

January 27, 2023

Having the kitchen remodeled remains one of the most popular home renovations. There is a simple reason for this: kitchens are a vital part of every home’s interior. As time goes by, however, the family’s needs often change. And with those changes come new requirements. Let us briefly look at the most common kitchen remodeling trends we can expect in 2023.

The Color Schemes Of 2023 

Simply changing your kitchen’s color scheme can have a dramatic impact on its whole appearance. The color schemes of 2023 will be vibrant and rich, with stark whites and deep blues complemented by the increased usage of orange and burnt yellows. If you are not fond of bold and bright colors, however, neutral colors such as white and gray can often be combined just as effectively.

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The popularity of terracotta will continue next year because it offers the perfect mix of refined and rough, while the baked clay tones are all one needs to create a warm ambiance in any kitchen. To complement the terracotta, use soft colors such as cerulean blue, green, mustard, cream, and white. Green in particular is ideal to complement the earthy color of wood, in the process creating a stress-free and peaceful ambiance in your kitchen.

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Natural Materials Combined With Metallic Finishes 

One of the most prominent design trends seen during recent years is the growing popularity of the natural look. In 2023 one should, therefore, expect to see a continued increase in the use of natural timber tones when people remodel their kitchens. According to interior design experts, oak will be particularly popular next year. Combining that with a neutral wall color is a great option if you would like the timber tones of the cabinets and other kitchen furniture to take center stage.

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Using natural materials for the kitchen countertop will be even more important in 2023. For many homeowners, natural stone will remain their first choice. Marble or ceasarstone quarts are expected to remain very popular choices. Marble in particular has definitely not yet lost its allure. It’s not difficult to see why: It is strikingly beautiful and literally brimming with charm and character.

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Having said that, metallic finishes for everything from splash backs to handles are becoming a hot new remodeling trend. Combining different metals, for example, chrome and nickel or gold and copper works particularly well with contemporary kitchen designs and lighter colors. Shiny chrome is not as popular as it used to be and is being replaced by the more natural look of copper, pewter, and brushed brass.

Metallic finishes can be used very effectively in copper taps, brass cabinet handles, and gold-toned accessories.

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Smart Technology And The Kitchens Of 2023 

With technology evolving so rapidly and playing an ever-increasing role in our lives, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it will also be important in our kitchens. From state-of-the-art cooking gadgets to smart lighting, next year will place a renewed focus on technology in the kitchen.

It can be as simple as adding LED lighting to display shelves or installing a sensor on cupboard doors that will automatically light up the cabinet when you open it. Or it can be more elaborate, like making your wine fridges temperature-controlled to ensure your evening tipple will always be at the perfect drinking temperature.

A modern kitchen should be connected to the outside world. How else will you quickly look up a recipe on Google? But if your smartphone’s battery runs flat it becomes virtually useless. So why not have charging stations installed on the countertop or in a drawer?

pop up outlet in kitchen remodel

Talking about smartphones: you can now use apps on your smartphone to remotely turn the lights and the oven on and off (even from the office) or even monitor cooking activity. The sky is literally the limit here. The use of technology in our kitchens will most likely skyrocket over the next ten years.

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