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November 9, 2022

Before and After: 3 Incredible Bathroom Makeovers!

See how our designers expertly transformed these bathrooms blending functionality and storage with beauty!

1. Modern Oasis

Original bath: had built in tub with low large arched soffit and columns that closed the space off. The vanity did not offer the best storage, and the room appeared dark. The shower was basic, and there was no style to anything.

After: Designer Larissa Hicks opened the space up and transformed this bath into a modern oasis.

2. Waterfall Feel 

Our client wanted a full remodel of their master bath and closets. During a recent trip to Africa, they mentioned they used outdoor showers that looked out over the beautiful land and animals. We decided to recreate the “Florida version” of that!

[click image to see larger version]

[click image to see larger version]

The tile work was a big feature of this design. The selections were made with our original inspiration of the outdoor shower in mind. The blue tile pattern was chosen to recreate that waterfall feel; the pebble stone floor added to that effect. The backsplash tile pulled everything in the space together and helped create a beautiful backdrop for the mirrors, vanities and lighting. 

3. Beautiful Rustic Farmhouse 


[click image to see larger version]

[click image to see larger version]

AFTER: Beautiful Rustic Farmhouse bathroom makeover by designer Lacie Rice, Tampa 

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