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Technology in your Kitchen

August 30, 2013

What will they come up with next? Probably in your lifetime you’ve been told that in the future we’ll all have cars that drive themselves or fly or or robots that will keep your home spotlessly clean. Sadly, none of these magical futures have come true… yet. Still, the pace of technology in our lifetimes has been staggering on many levels.

My ten year old cannot conceive of a time when you could not carry your tv shows around on an iPad, pause a show to roll her eyes at whatever Mom is saying or play a game with anyone in the world at any time, much less that the shows might have been in black and white. My teenagers can barely function without being able to text – especially for those awkward moments asking Mom to put money in their account because they are almost out of gas.

Frankly, we’re all probably more dependent on smart phones and tablets than we ever would have thought possible ten years ago. So everything around us is adapting as well. Docking stations, wifi hot spots and chargers… all new things to think about. But very soon they will be far more integrated into the furniture and fixtures around us. Corian has recently tested and introduced a countertop that will wirelessly charge your phone or tablet! https://bit.ly/14dOUqW

Imagine being able to set your phone or tablet down anywhere you are in your house – the kitchen, bathroom, family room or even the laundry room – and it will charge. It would be one less thing to worry about, or maybe two less: you wouldn’t have to remember to charge your phone and you wouldn’t forget to take it with you because you left it on the charger!

Meanwhile, I’m still hoping for the flying car!