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June 1, 2011

Wolf and Sub-Zero Kitchens

If you are dreaming of a new kitchen… If you want to try the newest technology… If you love to cook… you need to call us! We can hook you up with Wolf and Sub-Zero demonstrations! Wolf is a premiere cooking appliance. You can test their products in a relaxed atmosphere, have a gourmet meal and explore your appliance options.

Above is their new Induction Range – a wonderful way to cook with lower energy costs and more control for the chef. It’s also very safe for children and handicapped cooks as the heat is transferred directly to the pan and the cooktop itself is immediately cool when the pan is removed. During demonstrations they sometimes put $100 bills under the pan to show that they won’t burn while you cook!

How does a Wolf induction cooktop set itself apart from conventional induction cooktops?

The Wolf induction cooktop sets itself apart with high efficiency induction elements that provide power and control while conserving electricity. A temperature limiter insures safe operation and a child safety lock mode ensures the induction cooktop will not be turned on accidently. Wolf induction cooktops also include an easy-to-clean black ceramic glass (Ceran) surface which is resistant to scratches and stains, but not totally impervious to damage.

After you purchase their appliances, they will personalize a ‘Use and Care Class’ just for you!

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