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You Should Try These 7 Luxurious Bathroom Renovations

October 29, 2021

There are few things that can better lend an air of style and sophistication to a home than a luxurious bathroom. So if you want to make a few upgrades before selling your house, or you’re just tired of the old bathroom’s 1960s look, why not consider the following bathroom renovations?

General rule: use only high-end materials when renovating your bathroom

Because bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in the house, you should consider using only high-end finishes and materials when renovating them. This is a great way to add a touch of luxury to any house without breaking the bank. So before you order the contractor to use only the cheapest, most basic materials, sit down and rethink your approach. Using quality materials for countertops, floor and wall coverings, etc. will in the long run be a much better investment than opting for the cheapest you can get.

Note: Unless you are a DIY expert, don’t try to save a few dollars by doing bathroom renovations yourself. The quality of workmanship is as important as the quality of the materials you use.

Upgrade the lighting

Even a stylish new light above the vanity can make a bathroom look more luxurious. But while you’re busy, why not add sconce lights on both sides of the vanity mirror for a bit of ambiance? If you like pot lights, position them above the vanity, the shower, and the tub. They will act as task lights without interfering with your decor.

New bathroom tiles

New floor to ceilings tiles are going to require a sizable investment, but it’s a great way to create a beautiful, stylish effect. And it’s easy to keep clean. Beautiful new tiles will make your bathroom look more opulent while adding an interesting new texture. For a really stunning effect, use glossy wall tiles and slip-proof floor tiles with a matte finish. Porcelain tiles that imitate Carrera Marble, for example, can create a simple yet stunning look while adding a decidedly luxurious ambiance to your bathroom.

A corner sink looks stylish and makes better use of available space

If space in your bathroom is at a premium, consider having the sink moved to a corner. It will add a nice, modern touch to any bathroom, and you will no longer have a problem with it being in the way when you want to open the shower or bathroom door.

Replace the vanity

Let’s face it, a vanity is about much more than just storage space. A stylish new vanity with e.g. a quartz or marble countertop will make the whole bathroom look more luxurious. Just make sure it’s big enough for your storage requirements without being so big that it makes moving around the bathroom a problem.

Consider converting the bathtub into a shower

If your bathroom only has a bathtub and no shower, why not think about having the bathtub converted into a shower? Not only will it use less water, but from a hygienic point of view, it’s also a good alternative. Apart from that, you will be making use of existing space and there will be no need to reroute the existing plumbing.

Introduce a free-standing bathtub

If there’s enough space in your bathroom, there are few upgrades you can make that will add an ambiance of luxury and style to your bathroom like a free-standing pedestal or claw-foot tub. First, however, discuss this option with the remodeling contractor – a free-standing tub shouldn’t look as if it was crammed in. You will need at least 6 inches of space on all sides to make it look like the beautiful piece of furniture it actually is.