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Townhome Transformation: 3 Bathroom Remodels

bathroom remodel featuring a walk in shower in winter park
June 10, 2024

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with one of our repeat clients on 3 bathroom remodels that turned the townhome's builder-grade “beige” bathrooms into luxurious, cohesive spaces that seamlessly blend with the rest of the beautifully decorated home.

The Beginning: A Minor Leak, A Major Opportunity

What began as a simple leak in the first-floor bathroom vanity evolved into a comprehensive remodel of three bathrooms.  Our clients have impeccable taste.  They wanted the bathrooms to have distinct yet harmonious aesthetics that blended with their four-story townhome.

Before Photos

Phased Perfection: Remodeling with Comfort in Mind

Remodeling multiple bathrooms in an occupied home presents unique challenges. To ensure our clients were comfortable throughout the project, we implemented a phased approach. We began by completely demolishing and updating two of the bathrooms, ensuring one was always functional. This method extended the timeline but provided them with a liveable environment, a priority in multi-room remodels.

The Guest Bathrooms: Stylish Updates

The first phase focused on updating the two guest bathrooms. Without altering the existing plumbing or electrical systems, we infused these spaces with high-end finishes and fixtures that mirrored the client's exquisite taste. The transformation was subtle yet impactful, replacing the mundane beige with elegant, contemporary designs that aligned with the home's overall style.

guest bathroom remodel featuring a blue shower in winter park
blue tile in guest bathroom
small guest bathroom in winter park
guest bathroom shower with pattern tile

The Master Bath: A Boutique-Inspired Oasis

The most significant transformation was in the master bathroom. This phase required more extensive work, including removing walls, soffits, and relocating plumbing.  Removing walls in a townhome requires careful planning.  Luckily the client had the plans and after reviewing, we were able to move forward with the client's vision.  We designed an open, spacious shower that replaced the cramped, cave-like original. The result was a master bath that exuded boutique-inspired luxury, perfectly aligning with our client's vision.

bathroom remodel featuring a walk in shower in winter park

The Final Touch: Seamless Cohesion

Throughout the remodel, our team maintained a focus on creating distinct bathrooms that still felt connected. The new designs seamlessly blended with the existing décor, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout the home.  Our client's were amazed and thrilled by the finished project which is the ultimate reward.  Our phased, meticulous approach was well worth the effort.


At S&W, we believe that every detail matters. This townhome remodel is a testament to our commitment to delivering custom, high-quality remodels that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Whether it's a minor update or a major renovation, our team is dedicated to creating spaces that reflect your unique style and elevate your home to new heights.

S&W Designer: Mary Burkhammer, Winter Park

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