Storage Dream Kitchen

July 9, 2016

What is the one thing you can never have enough of in your kitchen? STORAGE!

There are many things to love about this traditional kitchen – it’s big, it has a comforting vibe with the hearth-style hood over the range and it has top of the line appliances. White kitchens are very big this year – especially with a contrasting island and glass cabinets.

Dig a bit deeper and you can see the thought that went into each area of the space – how it would function and kitchen with great storage ideas who would be using it and how the workspace would flow.  

For example, the beverage bar is off to the side. It has a refrigerator for sodas and another for wine. Glasses are stored nearby, with the stemmed wine glasses hanging within easy reach. There’s a small sink and an ice maker disguised as a cabinet just to the right of the fridges. Outlets are placed so that it would be easy to pull out a blender or a juicer and create an awesome frozen drink.

The pantry would be the envy of any home cook – a narrow but deep area where all the dry goods, cans and paper products can be stored on one side and small appliances and bowls and awkward pans can be housed. A ladder, typically used in libraries, is a brilliant addition, allowing full use of both walls. Lighting in a pantry is also critical – a small window helps during the day and overhead and rope lighting make sure you can see to the back of every shelf.

Almost every cabinet and drawer opens to reveal more storage brilliance – from the pull out corner cabinet to the drawer specifically for knifes to the narrow cabinet for for cookie sheets and cutting boards right next to the range. A few more photos below or you can see the whole kitchen from every angle here. Designed by Larissa Hicks in our Palm Harbor showroom.

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