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October 26, 2012

Sneak Peek in Palm Harbor – Wood Countertops

We are very close to being ready for our Grand Opening in Palm Harbor! Actually, we are only moving a few doors down… to 4930 Ridgemoor Blvd from 4952. It’s exciting, because we have great new displays, showcasing the newest and best on the market today.

Below is a great example: This wood countertop is stunning! The dark wood really warms up the white cabinets and the shine of the beautiful tile backsplash. We haven’t quite got it all cleaned up yet, but we’ll be ready for your visit on November 16th! This counter is by Grothouse Lumber in their Durata finish.

Many people are hesitant to use wood as a countertop, fearing the finish will damage from the contant use most of our kitchens see. As with so many products, technology has come a long way and skilled designers can work with companies and craftsmen to create wood surfaces that meet your needs. The natural beauty of the wood can be finished in ways to complement any style. Many hard-wood species can be used and design options include varying thicknesses, edge profiles, color and finish options.

Most wood can be sealed with a marine sealer – the kind of product used on boats. If a boat can stay in the water full time and still be protected, your counter should be okay with normal use and cleaning with the right products. For a first-person account of living with kids and wood countertops, check out this blog at inspiredroom.net.

You can also consider reclaimed wood like that shown in this blog on houzz. You can use timber that already has gouges, spots, marks and stains, so new ones are of little consequence. You can use a beeswax, lemon oil and mineral oil combination to preserve the wood. Products with these ingredients are available on the market.

Or choose a wood that combines the two – a rough, uncut edge (often called ‘live edge’) with a smooth surface for easy prep and clean up. The combination fits well in contemporary ‘green’ spaces with an organic feel and even traditional room that needs something different to keep it from becoming too cookie-cutter.

Come see all of our new kitchens and baths at our Grand Opening!

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