Countertops serve as both beauty and function in any kitchen or bath. The large surface area sets the tone for the kitchen and the color and quality will make a big impact on the character of the space. Functionally, it can be argued that the countertop is the most important element in a kitchen, because it's where we set the groceries, prep the food for cooking and serving and lean as we talk to the cook!

Any home cook will tell you that having more counter space is always better. Laying out ingredients, serving dishes or rolling dough all need space - and sometimes a particular surface. Making pastry, for example, is best done on a cold marble surface. Having a surface that is impervious to heat can prevent flailing around when trying to find a place to put a hot lasagna from the oven.

With today's technology, the countertop can literally glow - with lights behind a quartz surface - and quartz can mimic almost any natural stone, marble or granite and offer the resilience missing in some of those options. Laminates have also come a long way from the boomerang designs of the 1960s. There are hundreds of colors, textures and looks to choose from.

In a bath or a kitchen, the countertop holds the sink and you can place it on top of the surface, like a bowl, drop it in, with an edge, or undermount it. The countertop material will be an important consideration in the sink you want to install.

One of the newest surfaces to be used is porcelain - an economical choice that offers heat, scratch and stain resistance often needed in a kitchen space.

No matter your budget, durability is vital to any work surface. Your designer will make sure your countertop matches your needs and the look you want for the heart of your home - your kitchen!



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