Refacing is the choice for many homeowners. To judge whether cabinet refacing is the best choice for you, ask yourself these questions...

Are your existing cabinets structurally sound?
The majority of the cabinets we work with in homes in Florida are structurally sound, with all interiors and shelving in sound working condition.

Are you happy with your existing kitchen layout?
If you are generally pleased with the overall layout of your kitchen and are looking to make only minor changes cabinet refacing is probably a good option for you.

Is the primary problem with your cabinets a cosmetic one - unsightly color, outdated door styling or worn out finish?
Why replace the entire cabinet when the only part that needs to be fixed is the part you see? The problem of ugly cabinets can easily be remedied by using a cost effective technique borrowed from the custom furniture industry - veneering. After covering your cabinets with new wood or laminate veneer and using European hinges to install brand new solid wood or laminate doors that match the veneer, attaching new drawer fronts, finished off by matching molding and new handles - your existing kitchen cabinets look just like new expensive custom cabinets.

Do you want to make minor changes or add some accessories to your kitchen cabinets?
Modifications such as replacing drawers, adding pull out shelves, tip out sink trays, drawer and shelf lining, a built-in microwave oven, custom moldings, or other options can easily be done to your existing kitchen or bathroom cabinets. When completed at the same time as cabinet refacing, these options are very cost-effective. You do not need to buy expensive new cabinets to have these features.

Would you like to invest your money where you are certain you receive a high return on your investment?
According to Remodeling Magazine, "A minor remodel that updates a kitchen without remaking it brings the most bang for the buck at resale time, sometimes returning 105% of the construction cost.

The S & W Cabinet refacing process solves the cosmetic problem by installing new materials on the outside of your structurally sound and high quality existing cabinets, giving you the most for your money. Kitchen remodeling can be easy and affordable with cabinet refacing. Cabinet refacing will not only save you time - an average size kitchen can be completely remodeled in less than a week, it is also a green alternative because we reuse your existing cabinet boxes. The process is simple and efficient, keeping mess to a minimum, and you will be able to use your kitchen during installation.

We offer a full range of style and door choices from custom-made solid wood doors, drawer fronts, and drawer boxes with wood veneers to a quality foil door at a lower price. Our hardware selections include high-grade self-closing hinges, and an assortment of decorative handles to turn your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.


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