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September 3, 2014

Seaside Condo Kitchen Renovation – The Palette

It started with a broken refrigerator… and a new refrigerator that was too tall for the old space. As Designer Brooke Eversoll, CKD carefully observed the old kitchen, she listened to the clients list the problems with their kitchen:

  • a short soffit couldn’t be taken out
  • the top cabinets were too tall – leaving a shorter than usual backsplash and a microwave that hung too low over the stove
  • the counter didn’t continue around the corner with the sink, leaving no workspace on that side of the kitchen, and was interrupted by a 12” deep pantry
  • in addition, the floor was staying, as were the new white appliances

Brooke came back to the next meeting with a palette of new finishes, and a few changes to the basic layout. With minimal re-wiring and re-plumbing the client was able to achieve a much more functional space. Brooke based the palette on the beautiful water view of the Gulf and ordered a sample of a cabinet color she thought would be just perfect from the Holiday Kitchens cabinet line: Maple Fog. Even though the color was not your every day cabinet finish, the client was able to visualize the design and loved it! 

The sample granite in the palette was only a starting point; a trip to the granite yard, Umi Stone , was in order! As a natural stone, granite can vary dramatically in color and movement, so it’s always best to visit and choose your own slab. Originally the designer and client went in looking for a lighter stone, however they stumbled upon a very unique stone called ‘Bellini’. It was a bold choice – lots of movement and variation in the grain. It set off the cabinet color beautifully and complemented the clients furniture in the adjacent rooms which were dark wood tones.

Tip: If the countertop you choose has a lot of variation and movement, choose a backsplash that is more subdued in color or pattern which gives your eye a place to rest.

The backsplash tile needed to draw all of the parts together – the white of the appliances and the greys from the cabinets and countertops, so Brooke chose white marble subway tile. It is a beveled tile which adds a dimensional modern aesthetic too.

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