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Revealed: Most Expensive Part Of A Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel in orlando, fl
December 19, 2022

It is virtually a given that, as time passes, your bathroom will start showing its age. Even if everything still works perfectly, there will come a time when the design has become outdated, and a bathroom remodel is virtually unavoidable. The bad news is that this is seldom a cheap endeavor. Depending on the extent of the makeover, you might get away with as little as $3,000 but a comprehensive bathroom remodel can cost as much as $40,000 or more. Knowing which parts of the job will be the most expensive could help you to think creatively and save some money.

transitional bathroom remodel  in orlando, fl

Moving Fixtures Can Cost an Arm And a Leg

If you want to move the sink or toilet to a different spot, prepare to pay a few thousand dollars per fixture on plumbing-related costs. The moment you change the floor plan of your bathroom, the plumbing costs will skyrocket. Moving the toilet will be the most difficult and cost the most. This is because there’s a lot of specialized labor involved - and this comes at a price.

Even worse, if your home has a concrete slab foundation instead of a raised one, the job will involve cutting the concrete in order to move the pipes. That will further drive up the cost.

Tiling Work Is Another Expensive Area 

Nobody will deny that bathroom tile designs can (and often do) quickly go out of fashion. And be it accent, subway, or classic, a tiling job can quickly increase the cost of any bathroom remodel. This is because labor is once again the biggest part of the bill, and specialized labor is no longer cheap. To properly retile your bathroom will on average take between two and three weeks. The preparation work alone will take around four days and the installation work will most likely take much longer.
Another factor that will play a role in the cost here is the extent of the job. If you want a complete floor-to-ceiling tile wall, expect to pay a hefty bill. The same applies if you want to add a beautiful accent shower panel.

The type of tiles you decide on will also play a major role in the final cost. If you have expensive tastes and want to use only top-of-the-range imported tiles, the bill will obviously be much higher than if you are satisfied with discounted tiles from the local hardware store.

custom vanity in bathroom remodel in seminole county, fl

Custom Vanities Will Be More Expensive Than Stock Cabinets 

You will be surprised how much your decisions regarding the bathroom vanity will affect the cost of your next bathroom remodel. The most important choice you have to make in this regard is whether you want custom cabinets or are happy with stock models.

If you opt for custom vanities, expect to pay up to five times more than the price of RTA (ready-to-assembly) cabinets. A good quality stock vanity will typically not cost more than $1,000. A custom-made one could set you back up to $5,000 or more. The factors playing a role here are the materials you choose, the finish, and the quality. Granted, a custom cabinet will normally be made of higher quality materials that will last longer. They are also finished with better quality stains that will look good for much longer.

The Bottom Line When It Comes to Bathroom Remodeling 

Very few of us have unlimited funds. When it comes to a big job like a bathroom remodel, there will, therefore, nearly inevitably be a few tradeoffs. If you really love those imported Italian bathroom tiles, you might have to give up the idea of changing the whole layout of your bathroom. The best person to give you solid advice about these issues is a professional remodeling contractor.