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August 20, 2021

The Pros & Cons of the Most Popular Kitchen Backsplash Materials

Until about 70 years ago, kitchen backsplashes were much smaller than today, and their only perceived function was to protect your kitchen walls against cooking splashes. Since then, they have been gaining steadily in both popularity and importance – and today most people realize that few things contribute more to the aesthetics and functionality of a kitchen than a beautiful, long-lasting kitchen backslash.

Unfortunately, there are now so many types of kitchen backsplash materials on the market that choosing the best one for your needs might be a daunting task. Below we explain more about the types of materials to choose from and their main pros and cons.

kitchen remodeling backsplash

Ceramic Tile

This type of tile is currently the most popular, and for good reasons. It is extremely versatile and comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. The cheapest option is glossy glazed ceramic. At the other end of the price spectrum, you get handmade inlaid ceramic. And in between, you get options such as mosaic, large format, hand-painted, crackle-glazed, and matte-glazed.

– Easy to install, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive
– Available in a large variety of different sizes
– It’s easy to create a pattern that will complement or match your quartz or granite countertop

– Grout and tiles can stain, so regular maintenance might be necessary
– Cracks could develop over time, so you must keep a few extra tiles just in case

Porcelain Tile or Slab

This type of tile is often not glazed. There are typically also not as many options available as with ceramic tile, but it lasts longer than the latter. Porcelain tile also costs more than its ceramic counterpart. In the long run, however, it needs less maintenance – which reduces the long-term costs.

– Porcelain tile somehow manages to look more expensive than it really is
– It lasts longer than many other options
– It doesn’t crack easily, unless you try very hard
-There is no need for sealing

– The initial cost is higher than e.g. ceramic
– There are fewer patterns, colors, sizes, and colors available than is the case with ceramic

Stone Tile

The amount of choice here is less than, for example, with ceramic tile. For people who like a more natural look, however, this is nevertheless a good option. The most popular type of stone tile currently on the market is granite, which comes in a broad selection of colors. Slate is also popular, as is quarts – an engineered option that is non-porous.

– Available in a wide selection of different types and designs
– Remarkably durable
– Will most likely boost the resale value of your home

– Can easily scratch, particularly the softer stones
– Has to be resealed every year
– Certain types can easily sustain heat damage
– Not easy to repair

kitchen remodeling backsplash 3

Combination Tiles

Right now this is an extremely popular option. It involves combining a variety of different materials such as ceramic, granite, glass, metal, and stone.

– Provides nearly unlimited possibilities for mixing and matching
– The price can be kept at a very reasonable level

– Grout will require regular maintenance
– Slightly more expensive than ordinary ceramic tile

Marble Tile

We kept one of the best options for last. A marble tile kitchen backsplash is a true classic. While it’s not cheap, it’s a stunning product that comes with that unmistakable air of quality and natural beauty.

– Brings classic style and luxury to your kitchen
– Adds levels of beauty and depth that can only be matched by a few other options
– The latest finishes and sealants have made maintenance easier and cheaper

– Your initial cash outlay will be higher than with most other options
– Relatively high-maintenance. Acids from foods can easily stain marble tiles

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