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September 21, 2012

Popularity of the White Kitchen – by Krista Agapito

A white kitchen is a clean, cheerful and timeless space that provides a feeling of warmth and comfort. White kitchens are lighter, simpler, and can be traditional and modern at the same time. It is no wonder that white continues to be the most popular among painted cabinetry recently specified by 59% of NKBA member kitchen designers, while other colors were specified by only 38% of designers according to the 2012 Kitchen & Bath Style Report. 

One reason for the popularity of white as a kitchen color is that it makes the size of the kitchen appear larger.

Another design advantage of white cabinetry is the ability to blend or ‘pop’ when you add other colors. It’s easy to change the whole look of a kitchen by adding new color combinations and white cabinets complement them all. A white kitchen has unlimited design possibilities, serving as a ready canvas for affordable tweaks.

Accessorizing a white kitchen can even be as simple as the contrast of the white cabinets with the black stools and lighting fixtures. Or the unexpected pop of colorful dishware in a glass cabinet. White kitchens give you the ability to inject your own personal taste as your mood and seasons change.

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