Our company joined NARI to promote professionalism within our trade and to keep up with the latest techniques and technology. Remodelers who want to become NARI members must be licensed by their state and/or local government where required, and pass a selective screening process. My being a NARI member lets you know that our company will work within high standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility to ensure that every project is planned well and done right.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association has been leading the kitchen and bath industry for more than 45 years. With over 40,000 members across the United States and Canada, the NKBA requires professionalism and ethical business practices from all its members.

When you buy a product or service from a business that's a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, you know that company has agreed to be bound by the NKBA's code of professional conduct, which requires that the company will:

  1. Conduct its business in a manner that's honorable and fair to customers.
  2. Avoid conflicts of interest by accepting payment from only one party in a transaction, except with the express consent of all parties.
  3. Never make false or misleading statements to consumers, employees, or other businesses.
  4. Disclose all interest charges and other fees to consumers up front.
  5. Help customers to understand and receive all the products and services entitled to them in the sales agreement.
  6. Offer services without prejudice to age, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap, or veteran status.
  7. Refrain from using any questionable methods of soliciting business.
  8. Cooperate with other industry members for the good of the customer.

By choosing to do business with a member of the NKBA, we've chosen to work with a company that's dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services for the kitchen or bath.

Preferred Home Experts (PHE) is a local home improvement directory service designed with one thing in mind, the homeowner. Preferred Home Experts selects one company per trade that’s mostly respected and recommended by their peers in the home improvement business. Choosing a home improvement company isn’t a simple task. PHE looks for business’ that are outstanding in their trade. Our Experts are measured for their excellence in customer service, job detail, timeliness, customer satisfaction, cleanliness, professionalism and price. We at PHE knows just how valuable your time is and it’s our goal to provide you with the best professional recommendation so you don’t have to spend hours searching through “lists”. Using one of our Experts will save you the cost of unskilled and unprofessional labor that can be more costly down the road. Why be treated as a lead when you can be respected as a client by a Preferred Home Expert.

  • Many companies who claim to be licensed, insured and bonded are not.
  • Many companies who claim to perform criminal background checks on their employees do not.
  • If you hire an unlicensed company and an employee hurts themselves on your property or your property is damaged, your insurance company may deny the claim leaving you holding the bag.
  • You can be fined up to $5,000 for hiring an unlicensed contractor whether you knew it or not.
  • Many criminals use their employment to find their next victim.
  • Every day companies large and small introduce dangerous felons into unsuspecting consumers lives. Some are just ignorant to the dangers, others claim to do criminal background checks and don’t. Many consumers think they are safe as long as someone is home with them when the service person is there. In fact, many crimes are committed up to six months after the service call.


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