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March 7, 2011

Movie Kitchens – “The Holiday”

In the movies, styling is critical. Each scene is set with the utmost care, every detail thought out… how does the scene interact with the set? How will this room/place reflect the characters who live there, how they are feeling, what they are doing? How will the characters interact with each other?

In the movie, “The Holiday”, two very different women swap houses to escape their lives. You can see how different, in their kitchens:

Amanda’s kitchen is in LA, very sleek and modern. Iris’s is in the English countryside, very homey and personal.

Which one would you rather live in? Does the one you chose reflect your own taste? Your current house? What details sell you on the look?

You can sometimes identify parts of a room that you would choose, and sometimes it’s how the whole look pulls together. For example, it might be the fireplace in Iris’ kitchen that really draws you in – otherwise it’s just too small for your family. In Amanda’s kitchen the chandeliers might really hook you – and the big kitchen island/table/counter.

Think about the details in your own kitchen in the same way a stylist thinks about a movie space: Does it reflect you? Your family? Are there details you could change that would better fit you or how you want to use or feel in the space?

You can work with a designer the same way a director works with a stylist. You tell them who you are – what your “motivations” are 😉 and they work with you to put all the details together. Voila! The perfect kitchen for you.

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