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February 14, 2012

More Television Reno – The Boys of Wednesday Night

Wednesdays are heating up! Nothing to watch on TV? Head on over to HGTV from 8:00 to 11:00 pm… even if you don’t love renovation shows it could be worth a look! 

Start with Property Brothers – twin hunks, Jonathan and Drew Scott, corner their markets! First they find buyers, usually a couple, that want more than they can afford.

Then they tease them (and us) with a wonderful dream home that has everything the buyers could want and more… and then drop the bomb on how much that house is going to cost them. Usually about twice the couple’s budget! You can almost hear the “thud” of the buyers hearts – or maybe it’s their jaws hitting the floor.

But the boys don’t leave their clients in the lurch. They start showing them houses they can buy for much less than the budget… and let Jonathan renovate to include all their dreams. He uses virtual design technology to show them what each house could look like. Once they choose, Drew is the agent that works to get the best possible price for the property. In every case, a bath or a kitchen or both need renovation. We get a happily-ever-after ending and eye-candy all along the way!

At 9:00pm the Kitchen Cousins hit the screen and all eyes are on them! HGTV says: “Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri run a New Jersey-based family construction company that focuses on turning mediocre kitchens into masterpieces.” Could they be any more adorable?

This is straight-forward kitchen renovation, usually on the modern design spectrum, with lots of Italian products. Many of the original kitchen’s are old and falling apart, with lots of design challenges. More virtual design technology here, with walls flipping and appliances appearing as if by magic, to get their clients on board with the changes. We get to share a meal with “Ant’s” parents, see the newest in kitchen finishes and watch them flex their muscles! They are definitely New Jersey’s proudest moment on television and possibly the most watchable renovation team ever.

Next up, Income Property at 10:00pm with Scott McGillivray. Scott helps first-time homebuyers turn part of their home into a moneymaker to help with the mortgage.

Mostly centered on city-dwellers, where renting out a room or a basement is possible, the designs here showcase getting the most from your space – something all of us can learn. Of course, the renovation of the kitchen and bath is critical to the success of the new rental and Scott doesn’t disappoint.

He works hard on every aspect of the design – again using virtual design to show the viewers how he would lay the space out. In his case, he is right in the middle of it all as the virtual room takes place. One has to wonder what the client is actually seeing! More muscles and dimples as the work gets done – and another happy ending, as the client gets even more rental income than they had planned!

Sweet dreams are guaranteed after a night watching these shows! Where do I sign up?

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