August 12, 2009

More on Casa Feliz

This blurb was included on the Casa Feliz E-newsletter.


The National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Central Florida Chapter has generously taken on the task of restoring the kitchen and butler’s pantry at Casa Feliz. Chapter President Mark Warren shares that, “We’re honored to have this opportunity to give back to the community and this magnificent museum.” Warren has called upon the local NKBA community to contribute to the much-needed update of this space. One of the first members to answer that call was Brian Cummings, President of S & W Kitchens, Inc. S & W has four Central Florida locations, including Winter Park.

“We have been very blessed in our business over the years, and felt compelled to contribute,” Cummings says. “We will be installing all of the cabinetry in the kitchen, and have acted as the lead design and conduit between the manufacturer, the caterer that uses the facility, the contractor and Casa Feliz Board members.” Especially involved in the process is Jack Rogers, Chairman, Architect and son of Casa Feliz’s original architect, James Gamble Rogers II.

Two major goals of the restoration are to bring the kitchen and butler’s pantry aesthetically in line with the rest of the period home, and to make it a more functional space for the caterers who handle the myriad events at Casa Feliz. To achieve those goals, Cummings secured the donation of Omega custom cabinetry. “It became apparent pretty early in the process that we were going to need a vendor that had complete custom capabilities.” Cummings notes that the retail value of the cabinets and installation would total about $50,000.

“The idea that NKBA and the Board of Directors for the Casa Feliz house, named on the National Register of Historic Places, would trust us to replicate an historic kitchen is truly ‘a feather in our cap’ for all involved,” Cummings shares.

Mark Warren, the local chapter president, concurs. One of the trade association’s goals is to showcase the professionalism of its members to the local community. “NKBA members are specialists in the kitchen and bath profession, and uphold the highest industry standards of design and performance,” he adds. “If Casa Feliz entrusts us with their landmark home, Central Floridians can feel confident in working with our members on their homes, too,” he concludes.

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