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It Makes Sense to Remodel Your Whole House at One Time

August 15, 2022

Once you’ve made the exciting decision to have your home remodeled, your next decision is whether to break it up room by room or to do it all at once. There are some major advantages to doing everything at the same time. This is particularly true if you have just bought the house or you have somewhere else to stay during construction. Let’s take a closer look at why.

It Will Help You Save Money
One of the biggest benefits of having your whole home renovated at the same time is the fact that it will save money. Of course, you will have to come up with a fairly large amount of money, but the total cost of the renovations should be less. However, financing can be arranged.

In the first place, the remodeling contractor will be able to purchase the materials in bulk and qualify for discounted prices. Secondly, the preparation and planning for the job can all be done at the same time instead of piecemeal. This will save time and money, especially when it involves plumbing and electrical work.

A More Integrated Design
It is a lot easier to create a cohesive design using the same design principles throughout the house when you have work done on all the rooms at the same time than when you have several projects carried out by different contractors over a period of time. Things like carpets, tiles, and lighting can all be bought at the same time so you will no longer risk the situation where you e.g. have a long passage with two different shades of floor tiles because they were bought at different times.

Working with a single contractor and explaining to them exactly what your goals are with the renovation will make it possible to draw up the perfect design plan. They will know from the start which walls have to come down or where a new wall must go up, and why. The end product will be a home that’s been fully customized to your individual needs yet follows consistent design principles throughout.

It Is The Best Choice Where Structural Changes Are Involved
While planning a remodeling job with the contractor, you might realize that certain rooms will have to be expanded and that changes will be required to plumbing, lighting, and electrical outlets. It is much easier and more cost-effective to make these changes when they are all done as part of the same contract than having different contractors involved over an extended period of time.

Less Inconvenience
There is a certain amount of inconvenience involved with any renovation project. In the end, however, the total amount of inconvenience involved for you and your family with five different remodeling jobs spread over a period of five years can be much more disruptive than biting the bullet and having everything done at the same time.

Planning For The Future
Sitting down with a remodeling expert to plan a whole house remodeling is the perfect opportunity to think about how your family’s needs are likely to change over the next ten years. What will your dream house look like if you have three kids instead of one? What will change if those kids become teenagers and they no longer want to share rooms? What changes should you make to your current home if your aging parents have to move in with you or if you stay in the home into your own retirement? For example, are the bathrooms and showers easily accessible for someone in a wheelchair?

The Bottom Line
Having your whole house remodeled at once comes with undeniable benefits. It is often the best solution if you want to plan ahead for your family’s needs instead of making ad hoc decisions. If you have any questions at this stage, contact a professional remodeling contractor to get answers.