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September 24, 2012

Lighting Your Dream Kitchen and Bath

Although Dining in the Dark has a certain cult following, we mostly like to see what we’re doing in the kitchen. The bathroom too for that matter. 

There are lots of lighting choices today – in the type and in the style. According to the American Lighting Association, there are three basic types of lighting: Ambient, Task and Accent. Ambient, or general lighting, is probably the most important – windows and overhead lamps are great for this. Task is important is you’re reading or chopping – undercounter strips and desk lamps are examples.

Accent lighting is often where the Wow Factor is and a good designer can really help you get a handle on where to place it and what products are available for the effect you want to create. Balancing all of your lighting needs with the style and function of your room can take a bit of juggling – a key trait in a good designer!

Take a look at some of these examples of great lighting products to add beauty as well as comfort:

Viva Terra Moroccan Hanging Lamps

Interesting pendants can really add to the style of a space, like this one on the left from Interior Design or those on the right from Viva Terra – they come in antique or bright copper as well as silver!

This white onyx slab from Mystic Granite can be backlit for dramatic effect and would make a great countertop and/or backsplash!

Or create a rainbow in your bath with Oceanside Glasstile:

When you get it right, it all come together in a beautiful space, like this one from Holiday Kitchens:

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