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March 30, 2021

Kitchen Design Trends We Expect to See More of In 2021

With modern technology advancement, many contemporary kitchen design trends keep popping up and evolving. That means homeowners have a plethora of on-trend looks and many imaginative twists to choose from when remodeling their kitchen.

Below, we take a closer look at the biggest kitchen design trends expected to hit the market in 2021.

Color Pops
Recently, designers seem to be throwing away the rule book and going for spontaneous paint-color pairings. From appliances and cabinets to flooring, kitchen designs are now packed with an assortment of color combos.

The good thing is, designers are making use of paint coats that can be easily updated. This is an inexpensive, modern-day hack that allows you to switch to a different and trendier color combo whenever the need or mood arises.

While current fashion trends primarily influence color choices, is it advisable when mixing colors to look beyond what’s currently fashionable and choose color based on how one might feel long term.

Double Islands
As designers are moving toward larger and roomier kitchens, kitchen islands have become a vital feature. Those with a more luxurious taste are choosing to install a pair of island units, especially where space is not an issue.

Setting up double islands in a kitchen can come in quite handy storage-wise. You can also have a second sink, a built-in cooktop/range, or even more space for family breakfasts. Besides the functionality and luxury aspects, two islands can be quite the conversation piece when you have guests over.

Handleless Designs
Designing modern kitchens is all about combining a free-flowing layout with a pared-back look. With the rise of push-open doors, many designers are getting rid of handles in both base and wall cabinets. For those who don’t fancy push-open doors, the same clean look can also be achieved using recessed handles.

Handleless kitchen cabinets are quite trendy now, and they are a go-to feature if one wants to achieve clean simplicity and a more streamlined look.

Concealed Appliances
As more gadgets keep being added to the modern-day kitchen-appliances list, designers are coming up with ways to tuck them away and achieve a cleaner and neater look. People’s appetite for discrete storage keeps growing, and concealed appliances are making that possible. Concealment solutions create a streamlined finish as they prevent appliances from interfering with the general theme and style of the kitchen design.

The Moody Kitchen
A lot of homeowners are doing away with all-white kitchens. Because of this, many designers are gravitating towards moody, darker trends. Kitchen designs with dark countertops, in particular, are enjoying a lot of popularity. These countertops are also a practical choice since they are hard-wearing, can hide dirt, conceal cracks, and are not easily stained.

Greater Interest in Outdoor Kitchens
With time, outdoor kitchens have gone from being a ‘want’ to a ‘must-have.’ Many people who live in beautiful settings and want to spend more time outside are putting outdoor kitchens on their renovation priority list. With an outdoor kitchen and the right environmental setting, you can experience the beauty of having your meals during a sunset serenade.

Kitchens Becoming the Centre of the Home
As people are spending more time in the kitchen, they seem to be doing away with the uncomfortable, cold metal barstools and going for more welcoming and cushier seating. This makes the kitchen an inviting place to work, relax, or enjoy a cocktail. Once a place for cooking only, now it seems everyone wants to be in the kitchen. You have comfy seating, nice art, different color shades, and exotic materials, and then the usual functionality to top it all. It’s truly a fascinating time for kitchens.

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