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November 21, 2022

Kitchen Design Challenge: Get the Look for Less!

When we go into a remodeling project, we are very thorough covering every detail. However, there are always requests along the way and this remodel was no different. 

As we got to work, the client realized they wanted a kitchen island with legs but unfortunately, they were at their budget limit. Thankfully, Tampa designer Rosemarie Szedula was up for the challenge!

Rosemarie and her project team rolled their sleeves up and produced a creative solution to meet their client’s request while keeping them within their budget. 

To create the look of legs on the corners of the island, we took 6” filler material that was finished on all sides and mitered it. The base molding was then wrapped around three sides of the island and returned back to the toe space on the front.

Another cool detail was removing the spindles on the railing and replacing them with wire to give it a nautical look that coordinates with the rest of the home’s décor.

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