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Just In: 6 Brand New Bathroom Remodels from our Designers!

bathroom remodel in tampa fl
August 28, 2023

Our designers have been hard at work and we're thrilled to show off 6 fresh bathroom remodels that are giving us all the feels! 

From clean modern vibes to relaxing spa-like retreats, we've got it all covered.  Keep reading and let us know which bathroom makes you want to grab your loofah and dive right in! 

1. Transitional Bathroom Remodel in Tampa, Fl

bathroom remodel feauring tub to shower conversion in tampa, fl
beautiful bathroom remodel in tampa florida featuring a tub to shower conversion

We love this timeless design that also incorporates playful pattern with the shower  slabs and tile.   By utilizing slabs instead of more traditional tile, our designer was able to achieve a beautiful design statement that is also incredibly functional.  With slabs, there is no need for grout, there are few to no seams, and cleaning is a breeze.  

S&W Kitchens Designer, Lacie Rice – Tampa, FL

2. Easy to Clean Bathroom Makeover in Windermere, Fl

beautiful and functional bathroom remodel and bathroom makeover in windermere,fl

bathroom refresh in windermere fl

Our client, Jill, is a hard-working Orlando realtor who wanted to transform her outdated bathroom into a spa retreat she could relax in. She asked for a beautiful, organized and easy to clean design.

In order to accomplish her goal, we installed pull out faucets to make it easy for her to rinse the sinks and big rectified shower tiles that she only has to squeegee. We hung a recessed makeup mirror so it’s no longer taking up her counter space and we added organizational inserts in her cabinets so everything has a home. We also closed in her plant shelf so no more dusting up near the ceiling!

 Now she spends her time in her soaker tub with a glass of wine and a good book instead of doing extra cleaning.  

S&W Kitchens Designer: Maggie Moore, Windermere, FL 

3. Gorgeous Statement Shower in Winter Park, Fl

winter park, fl bathroom remodel sample 1

Pattern and a beautiful pop of color shine in this beautiful statement shower wall!  

S&W Kitchens Designer, Chris Druschel – Winter Park, FL

4. Tub to Shower Conversion in Tampa, Fl

tampa fl bathroom remodel featuring marble slab
tampa fl bathroom remodel featuring marble slab

Cool grays and subtle pattern combine to give this guest bathroom calm and serene vibes. Replacing your tub with a shower can provide more room for bathing and also make the room look much bigger which can be especially useful in small bathrooms

S&W Kitchens Designer, Lacie Rice – Tampa, FL

5.  Tub and Shower Combo in this Tampa Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel in tampa fl
bathroom renovation in tampa
tub in shower

Putting your bathtub in the shower may be an unexpected idea, but it's a solid one and a growing trend in bathroom design.  It looks amazing and there are many functional benefits such as less mess particularly if you have children. 

S&W Kitchens Designer, Lacie Rice – Tampa, FL

6. Organic Modern Pool Bathroom Remodel in Tampa, Fl

guest bathroom remodel
organic modern bathroom in tampa

Our client's gorgeous pool bathroom was updated with organic materials and textures.  The boho tile pattern in the shower gives an unexpected and beautiful design statement. 

S&W Kitchens Designer, Lacie Rice – Tampa, FL

Ready to get started on your bathroom?  Schedule a consultation. 

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