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August 22, 2022

It’s the Details: Kitchen Lighting is Like Jewelry

Lighting is like the cherry on top of a very well-executed cake. Lighting brings light to dark places and can be the focal point of any space. Like jewelry, pendant lighting can make a statement or be an added gem to a beautiful display.

If you look up the history of pendant lighting, you will see that the original concept was created in ancient Greece. Over time inspiration was found everywhere, from renaissance revival to simple modern design. Recess lighting surged in popularity in the last 20 years, giving little inspiration for a unique design.

Pendant lighting is less bulky than chandeliers, offering the ability to do multiple or stand-alone. Lighting has 3 aspects; ambient, task, and accent, and pendant lighting has all these aspects. Chandeliers are clunky, usually a little too big for a space, and not very efficient. Pendant lighting can be sleek, understated and, surprisingly, essential for a kitchen.

Pendant Lighting
Pendant lighting is perfect for any size kitchen. There are a range of options, and many can fit into any budget. Keeping up with trends can be difficult, but there is an endless amount of creativity that designers can explore. Lighting is essential for the kitchen, and getting it right is important.

Designing with a neutral color palette or making a bold statement, having several options in lighting make a difference. Bold color choices in the kitchen are making their way back in popularity. A pendant light can add to the character of the kitchen. Remember when there were only 3 options for color? White, black, or wood? With those days long gone, let creativity begin.

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, as well as pendant lighting. From oversized to the minimalist look, every size is available. Never underestimate the power of having the perfect size of lighting in the space. Illuminating a larger area is attained by the size of the pendant used. Having the options of sizes creates the ability to use less in an area without taking away from the design.

Metals have surged in popularity recently, and with the many types of metal available, the possibilities are endless. Gold accent, copper, brass, or aluminum are a few options. The finish of the metal is another option, matte or a shiny surface adds a perfect texture to a feature.

Making a space feel complete is in the details. One detail for pendant lighting is the material used to make them. Ranging from rope to metal, paper to wood, there is a benefit to having many options. Textures are popular in designing a kitchen, and luckily there are several textures available in pendant lighting.

LED Lighting
Having LED lighting gives the client control over the space. Being able to adjust brightness and color adds an advantage that has recently become popular. Adding the benefit of being energy efficient is more appealing to clients. LED lighting is also long-lasting, making the fixture less of a hassle.

Shapes can define a space, giving the feel of a larger area or, if needed filling the room. Pendant lighting is available in practically every shape, allowing the designer to add a one-of-a-kind feel to a kitchen. Adding a uniqueness that only pendant lighting can offer. Drum-shade pendants and linear pendants are some of the more exciting designs.

Pendant lighting can bring any space from drab to fab, but adding the perfect piece can be tricky. It is essential for the lighting in the kitchen to be correct; the kitchen's function and ease of use depend on how well the lighting is designed.

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