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February 12, 2013

Inspiration, Colors and Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

There are many ways to get lost in the ether these days – social networking, gaming or just browsing. If you are planning a remodeling project, you can be a little more focused: using Pinterest or Evernote or some other app to keep notes on what you like or don’t like, grabbing images to sort through later or what appliances you need.

Here’s a little app that can help when you’re looking for inspiration: Chip It! by Sherwin Williams. While you’re browsing, find images that really speak to the feeling you want for your new kitchen, bath or great room. It could be a garden, an animal or a place.

This photo is a repin from Pinterest and it immediately spoke to me – of shimmery lights, dark moodiness and old world memories of sophistication. It’s an image I keep coming back to, so when I found ChipIt! I immediately wondered what the colors were that created that mood.

Easy enough to find out – hover and Chip! Immediately a palette is created alongside the image.

And what a great inspiration! A room with these colors would be stunning – no standing at the paint center pulling dozens of blues, trying to picture which would be just right. Or agonizing over the grey or the white that would set off the blue to perfection.

Later, this photo of a kitchen popped up and I Chipped it too. So close! And you can see how a dark wood floor would make the whole kitchen darker, moodier. Obviously you could tweak either palette to fit your home – a lighter floor or bigger window or a little more shimmer on the upper cabinets with glass inserts. Perfect!

Maybe searching for the absolute quietest dishwasher that has the smallest carbon footprint at a rock-bottom price is just a little too practical right now. You know what inspires you – maybe it’s Mardi Gras or a quiet beach or your grandmother’s cooking. Find a photo and see what colors create that feeling!

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