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February 23, 2011

In Love with a Movie Kitchen

Once upon a time, she fell in love… she couldn’t stop thinking about it – its beauty, its simplicity, its appliances… Wait?! Huh??!

Of course, she fell in love with a kitchen… and not just any kitchen. Her love was in a movie. So far away… and yet so close she could almost touch it! She could imagine herself pulling a large pan from the oven, placing it on a trivet on the huge island in the center of the kitchen, the family gathered around it, drawn to the smell of roasting meat, garlic, herbs. All of them smiling and talking, poking spoons in pots and tasting bits of the meal they would soon enjoy together. Everyone moving easily from kitchen to table and back again while enjoying the company and the conversation.

Then – POP! She was back in her old kitchen. Certainly serviceable. She could, after all, cook in it. And then eventually they could get all the food out to the family and guests in the dining room. And lug it all back after they ate and talked and laughed.

Then she realized – she could have that kitchen… or a reasonable facsimile. She grabbed the nearest kitchen designer and together they created the kitchen of her dreams – better than a movie! Set Design Something%27s Gotta Give Other Spaces architecturaldigest.com 

One of the most requested kitchen designs in recent years is the kitchen above, from the movie “Something’s Gotta Give”. It’s casual yet elegant, open yet grounded… it looks like you could wrap it up and take it home with you!

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