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March 31, 2023

See How One Homeowner Brightened Up Their Kitchen with Pops of Color

Color can make a kitchen brighter, happier, and more reflective of your personal style. There are so many ways to add a dose of color to your kitchen from painted cabinetry, to lighting or simply layering in color with fun accessories.

Keep reading to learn how these homeowners made this Ormond Beach kitchen their own using pops of color!

This beach home was purchased by a fun family from Oklahoma who loves to entertain! The house is only a block away from the ocean in Ormond Beach, FL and they wanted to make their new kitchen reflect their personalities and lifestyle.

When they came to us their goal was to have a better functioning kitchen and bring in more light. They also wanted to add color pops to the room but couldn’t decide on a color combo. When S&W Kitchens Designer, Chris Druschel, showed them this Blue Star stove they immediately picked it and felt blue was a great color for a beach home.

After choosing the blue accent stove, they fell in love with the sea urchin pendant lights. We decided it would be fun to match the knobs on the stove to the color of the pendants!

We had so much fun working with this family and loved how fearless they were with their design choices. They flew in from Oklahoma to finalize design selections and the only day we could meet was 4th of July. The joke was that we didn’t only celebrate red, white and blue that day… but orange, white and blue!

Designer Chris Druschel tells us, “My favorite part was working with the clients, they let me design it based on their needs/wants. They had a few parameters but overall said you’re the designer we trust you. When I asked them questions to figure out how to approach certain things, they just let me design it based on my experience and knowledge. We added sliders on the back to open it up and a picture window near the serving area. I love that this kitchen is SOOOOO functional. You have the cooking area of the kitchen, you have the seating area on back of island, the bar area, and then the serving area at the end near the picture window. I also really like that we tiled the entire wall on that side.”

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