November 21, 2011

Family Kitchen

The Holidays = Family & Friends = Food. Really, nothing makes the Holidays (whatever you celebrate) special like family and friends. And there really is no better way to celebrate than with food. Whether it’s super casual and easy with delivery pizza and beer or a full Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings, the time people spend together over food is always memorable. 

Think about how your kitchen does and/or does not make your holidays easier, the memories brighter and the guests more comfortable. Is there enough room for several people to help? Enough counter space to prepare what you want to make? Do the appliance still work or do you have to jerry-rig, coax or curse at them while you work? Is there enough light even on a cold, wintry day? Can you move around easily, without too many extra steps?

Even if all you use your kitchen for is setting take out pizza boxes and chilling beer, it’s still the most important room for entertaining. Whether you just need to reface the cabinets or update your appliances, contact our designers: make the most of the space you have and the memories you want!

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