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Explained: Why Bidets Are Returning

December 6, 2021

There is plenty of evidence in bathrooms that bidets are making a comeback and becoming popular yet again. More and more contractors continue to install bidets in homes as the sale of bidets skyrockets. So, why are bidets returning?

New and Improved Design

Unlike conventional bidets, modern bidets now have a new and better design. While traditional bidets were merely a stream of water strategically placed close enough to your toilet, modern bidets are in-built toilets.

Thus, all you need is to adjust the temperature and pressure, and everything else is taken care of. Bidets are becoming popular again because the new and better design is easier, convenient, and pleasant to use.

Desire to Save the Environment

As more campaigns kick off about saving the environment, the population is now greatly conscious of the environment. More people are switching to bidets as a good substitute for toilet paper to take an active role in saving the environment. By switching to bidets, you will reduce toilet paper usage, and thus, help save trees.

According to statistics, more than 270,000 trees end up in landfills each year, with 10% being in the form of toilet paper. The awareness of the environment and the desire to save it have greatly contributed to bidets’ comeback.

Other than saving trees, bidets also help save water. A scientific report shows that a roll of toilet paper needs 37 gallons of water. In comparison, a bidet will only consume around one pint of water with every use, making it a better option.

Health Concerns

Do you bleed every time you wipe? A bidet could be the alternative you need. The popularity of the bidet as a better choice is also linked to health concerns. People who suffer from conditions like IBS find it painful to use toilet paper. Besides, toilet paper can also worsen conditions such as hemorrhoids.

Millions of Americans suffer from hemorrhoids, and the chances of contracting it increase as we age. The warm water pressure helps relieve the pain associated with hemorrhoids and also helps promote blood circulation in the anal region.

Better Hygiene Standards

Bidets are also considered more hygienic and can greatly help minimize risks of contracting UTIs as it reduces the amount of bacteria in urine, leading to better and healthier lives. They are also considered more hygienic since water is more effective in removing debris than dry toilet paper.

Dry toilet paper is not quite effective as some residue may remain on your skin. Bidets offer a better option-water under high pressure to remove any residue left. After using it, you will feel clean and refreshed.

Additionally, when using bidets, you will be limiting your germ spread. Since the bidet is already in place, your hands will not be coming into close contact with urine or fecal matter. Thus, you will not handle the particles or cause them to spread.

Affordability and Convenience

Conventional bidets were expensive and hard to install. However, modern bidets are affordable for everyone. With as little as $20, you can find a durable and highly effective bidet.

If you are new to bidets, you are wondering whether you will need to wipe after spraying. No, you don’t need to wipe. However, you might need to sit and wait to air dry for a few minutes. Nonetheless, if your budget doesn’t constrain you, you can use a bidet model with an air-drying function.

Get Professional Bidet Installation Today

Bidets are now affordable and better designed compared to traditional bidets. They offer you convenience, better hygiene, and a better way to actively contribute to saving the planet. Despite being easier to install than conventional bidets, it is always best to hire a professional contractor for installation. Contact us today for expert bidet installation.