March 4, 2011

Dreaming a Kitchen 2

Our world has changed so fast that just keeping up with our own lives has become a job in and of itself! Sure lots of the changes have made our lives easier, more efficient or more relevant… but we’re all on overload – information overload as well as over-packed schedules.

And there are apps for that! You don’t really need more to do or think about – you need something that helps you filter for the good stuff, save it somewhere for when you need it and share it with people you actually care about. Here are a couple of apps that might help you in general, as well as with a home renovation:

houzz – This is a free app for smartphones and tablets, as well as a website that allows you to create ideabooks – like tearing pictures from magazines except you don’t have to buy the magazines or store the pages, then find the pages, etc. They have tons of great photos (like this delicious tub) – one click and it’s saved for you – you can create many ideabooks, i.e.: for each room you want to renovate.

You can also upload your own photos and add notes of what you like or don’t like about the room. Then, share – with everyone on the web or your spouse, your mother, your bff that’s helping you make decisions. Your remodel or renovation is suddenly that much easier – you and your designer have a common language to speak from – if every room you grab has a fireplace… you probably want a fireplace, for example.

A more general tool is something like This site allows you to bookmark images from all over the web while you are surfing and puts them into a free account at their site. You can tag the images and then search within your account, look at other people’s collections and comment. Again, share these images with your designer and your renovation is that much more of a collaboration!

You can dream… and when you’re ready these ideas will be there to help you!

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