Mark Whittingham

Mark has been in the remodeling industry since 2006. His first job was at Home Depot right out of college in Connecticut. He learned how to design kitchens and took many courses through Home Depot and NKBA. After a year and a half, he moved on to a local kitchen company as a designer. I had high-end clientele and learned how to manage projects.

During the recession, Mark opened his own company and ran it for over seven years as a one-man band. He was the designer, project manager and GC in one. As fun as that could be, it was also exhausting, so he took an opportunity to work for a large local company with multiple locations. He stayed there for four years before making his biggest move to Florida and finding a home at S&W Kitchens.

Mark says, “I love being a designer because I love the process of taking a space that is undesirable and creating a place for people to enjoy for years to come. Every project is different.”

A few years ago, he used to play a lot of sports: basketball, football, and softball with friends. Times have changed, in a good way, now Mark’s hobbies are more 4-year-old boy oriented with his son.

Mark Whittingham

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