March 11, 2011

Dark [Shadows] Kitchens

Kitchen design definitely has trends – not as crazy or fast-moving as fashion, but definite styles that mark a decade when you see them. Remember the avocado kitchens in the ‘70s? Almond Formica countertops in the ‘90s? One of the quirkiest design styles in the current market is steampunk. Possibly a backlash against all the mid-century modern/retro that’s been everywhere for awhile. As the blog The Steampunk Home describes it, steampunk “combines the scientific romanticism of the Victorians with our real present and imagined future.” 

This post showing an Ikea kitchen from the Toronto 2011 Design show is great steampunk style – and also many of the elements we are seeing people gravitate toward today: the dark Shaker-style cabinets, granite/natural-stone-look countertops, a large island and a serious cooking range. Maybe a little dark overall for Florida homes – and definitely a tad overboard on the number of skillets – but new and traditional styles combined in a very livable space.

What do you think? Is this a kitchen you could live with and in? Would you lighten up the countertop or the tile backsplash?

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