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January 17, 2013

Dacor Announces the Next Step for Kitchen Technology

Gourmet chefs can remotely control their high-tech oven with an Android app built into the unit.

Dacor Discovery IQ wall oven (Credit: Dacor)

Dacor has announced a new high-tech oven with a built-in Android tablet.

The 7-inch tablet offers 800-by-480 pixel resolution and includes 16 GB of flash memory, expandable to 32 GB. The company did not disclose the manufacturer of the tablet.

Dacor is responsible for many industry firsts including the 30″ Self-Cleaning Pure Convection™ Wall Oven, which set the standard for this built-in appliance category. The Discovery 30″ Wall Oven represents Dacor’s 9th generation of 30″ built-in wall ovens. The company’s dedication to continuously manufacturing innovative luxury appliances is evident here. Specifically, the Discovery Wall Oven connects the kitchen to the home via a new industry exclusive – the Discovery IQ Controller, which is the first Dacor oven to feature Wi-Fi connectivity.

“It has set the standard for the connected kitchen of the future as the first wall oven with an integrated Android controller and Wi-Fi connectivity,” Dacor President Steve Joseph said in a press release.

The Discovery IQ Controller for Android replaces the old-fashioned, limited touch-screen. The Android app allows for remote operation, alerts and includes a pre-programmed guide for preparing dishes. When a dish is ready to serve, the app notifies the cook via an alert. If the oven is acting up, the app sends out an alert with an error message, as well as an automated report to the manufacturer for troubleshooting.

Discovery IQ guided cooking app (Credit: Dacor)

The Discovery IQ double-oven model will retail for $7,500 starting in the summer, according Joseph. A single-oven version will sell for $4500.

Joseph said that the Android tablet and app add about $1,000 to cost of the oven. “It’s a luxury kitchen brand, people are used to the pricing,” he said.

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