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February 4, 2013

Cool Cabinets Add Functionality for Kitchen and Bath

Special cabinets can do more to enhance the functionality of your kitchen than pretty much anything else and can cut down on the number of cabinets you need. More cabinets doesn’t always mean better use of space – sometimes it just means more expense and more clutter.

Of course, the right cabinet in the right spot is key. Cabinet makers are coming up with some pretty cool ideas!

Spices – they make everything taste better but too often go unused and get stale. The relatively small bottles get lost behind everything else in the pantry. Sometimes you buy a spice to make a particular dish – then forget to make the dish again or don’t think to use it for another dish. Spices should be stored near the cooktop/prep area. These two choices are ideal:

Stored in an upper cabinet – but not lost in the clutter or in a handy in a drawer but not rolling around. Another tip: buy the smallest size you can so you can fit a variety in the space and they won’t go stale.

Plain undercounter cabinets are my least favorite place to store things – too much bending for my back and I can never see all the way in. I really prefer drawers – for plates and even pats and pans. Sometimes a drawer isn’t suited to what you want to store though. That’s when you need a pull out shelf – kind of a flatter drawer, like these:

Now, pull and everything is within reach! Even that pesky corner cabinet can’t hide you favorite baking dishes or plastic storage bowls. Having several levels lets you store a variety of appliances and group the smaller items so you keep the nuts together and the coffee and tea separate. Much less clutter!

The bath could also use a little organizing – why not put an appliance garage (often used in kitchens a few years ago) and store all the hair or shaving bits – and add an outlet or two so you can use and store in one place?

And while you’re at it, create a little oasis – whether you want to watch your favorite shows while you relax in the bath, or catch up on the news while you shave. Add a media cabinet that will hide the TV and all the equipment that goes with it now! Organized bliss!

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