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Color your Kitchen or Bath

July 14, 2014

Looking for a great color for your new kitchen or bath? “Bahamas” could be it – think glass tile in a shower surround or a backsplash in a white kitchen.

Color Marketing Group presents “Bahamas.”

“Bahamas” is a color state of mind.

Take a mid-year break relaxing in Bahamas.

Soothing, refreshing and slightly exotic, “Bahamas” is a color with which to take a break.

Emerging as a 2014 prediction at the Color Marketing Group European Summit meeting in 2012, this changeable hue conjures natural beauty anywhere in the world. It takes care of nature and shares its natural beauty with primal instincts.

As fresh as a tropical cocktail, as comforting as a spa and as light as a summer frock, this hue can take on nature as well as a swizzle stick. It is confident and moves easily from home accessories to fashion accessories providing just the right amount of crisp color.

Clean, clear and hovering between blue and green it will be seen with high gloss, as well as matte finishes, and will gain strength with metallic effects. Distinctly modern in its appeal, it also conjures traditional luxury with thoughts of jewelry boxes and semi-precious stones.

CMG’s Color Alert, is an exciting, monthly feature from Color Marketing Group, illuminating one of its “World Palette” forecast colors and validating the prediction in the market.

As a color litmus test, and drawing from European, Latin American, North American and Asia/Pacific directional palettes, Color Alert brings CMG’s directional color stories to life, whether seen on store shelves, cruising along highways or strutting fashion runways.

Color Marketing Group holds international color workshops (called ChromaZones) and summit meetings to determine color direction approximately two years in advance, depending on industry. For instance, colors for 2014 were discussed in 2012. As the year unfolds it’s time for the colors to arrive, as well.