February 14, 2011

Color Trends 2011… Not!

Lots of blogs and design companies are putting out predictions for the trends and colors for 2011, including kitchens. And, frankly, they are scary. Before you rush out to order one of these kitchens, remember anyone living in a pink kitchen from 1950 is probably saving diligently for a reno. The color just doesn’t lend itself to living day-in-and-day-out much less lasting decades! [IMHO]

These pictures above are from Home Dezign. A tad too trendy. ‘Nuf said.

According to Home re-Design Kaleidoscope:

White, light and dark blue, emerald green and turquoise, yellow and orange, red and red-purple, gray and black are modern kitchen cabinets colors for 2011 designs…

Their website doesn’t allow capture of their photos for viewing here, which is just as well, as some would give you nightmares! The layouts of the kitchens look functional… they might even be inspired… but who can get past some of these colors. A pop of orange on hand towels or a bowl could enliven a design – painting everything in the space bright, relentless orange would probably cause more hangovers than it helped you through.

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