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7 Great Kitchen Upgrades that Really Work

February 16, 2020

Arguably the most important room in the house, the kitchen, deserves special consideration. A variety of quick and simple changes can be made to improve both the look and functionality of this space. Below are just a few suggestions:

· Hidden Appliances

In modern and traditional kitchens alike, appliances like fridges and microwaves can be integrated into the cabinets to allow them to blend in with the design of the room. This can be especially useful when the appliances are a little old and shabby looking.

Often the appliances are covered with a panel matching the rest of the cabinetry. This simple, yet effective technique can serve to make the room look both less cluttered and more elegant.

· Spice Drawers

If you cook often, chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of different herbs and spices. Having a place to keep them that ensures they are quick to find and easy to grab will undoubtedly make your life easier when preparing complicated dishes.

A spice drawer also allows you to store all these little pots away out of sight and out of mind until you need them again. That is definitely better than having them cluttering up your cupboards, sideboards, and food preparation areas.

· Under-cabinet Lighting

These convenient lights can be used to make your cooking area both more user-friendly and more attractive – a win-win situation. Reading recipes and weighing out ingredients will be much more straightforward, and food preparation will be both easier and safer.

Furthermore, subtle lighting can be used to create a beautiful ambiance, which can make the space feel cozy and homely. Your dinner guests will be suitably impressed.

· Drawers for Plates and Bowls

Cupboards and shelves offer a large amount of storage. Still, things placed at the back can be challenging to access, especially if they are up very high or down near floor level. However, putting everything at the front means that you are sacrificing a lot of that storage space.

Pull-out draws are the perfect solution to this problem. You will still be able to stack and store everything away, making the most of the space, but when you need something at the back, you can just pull out the drawer, reach in and grab the item with ease.

· Pop-up power outlets

While clearly a necessity in the kitchen, power outlets aren’t the most beautiful things to look at. Hiding them away out of sight may not seem like a significant change, but you’d be surprised what a difference even the smallest touches can make.

Relocating power outlets behind hidden panels, inside drawers, or under cabinets can really improve the overall look and feel of your kitchen while enabling you to still be able to plug in appliances when necessary.

· Garbage Pull-outs

Garbage pull-outs are a quick and hygienic solution to the issue of needing to have easy access to waste disposal and recycling while still wanting to keep rubbish sealed off and away from the food preparation areas.

An additional advantage to one of these is that you can avoid having a messy-looking freestanding bin taking up unnecessary space in the room.

· Beverage and Bar Areas

In most households, the kitchen can be an incredibly busy place, and, as such, a well-planned layout is essential for ensuring that people are not constantly getting in each other’s way.

Beverage and bar areas can be used to store glasses, cups, and other drink supplies. This means that people wishing to make a drink will have easy access to the items they need while keeping well away from the meal preparation parts of the kitchen.