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May 5, 2023

6 Must Haves for Your New Kitchen Remodel

Planning for a kitchen remodel can be a lot of fun.  However, there are so many choices that go into designing a functional and beautiful kitchen - sometimes it's hard to know where to begin.   To get you started, we asked S&W design pros to share their favorite must-have kitchen features.   Our designers always recommend giving careful consideration to the elements you interact with the most, which can be a lot of things,  but the following is a list of the features that show up again and again in our designs!   

1. The Right Kitchen Storage for Your Family

kitchen storage in orlando fl

Choosing the right cabinetry is a huge factor in your kitchen design - cabinets are the first thing you see, so the colors and styles are important decisions. However, equally as important is the functionality and storage options.   When you are in the middle of cooking a big meal or hosting a large dinner, you'll be thankful for your thoughtfully designed kitchen that allows you to quickly and easily grab the right tools.   

custom kitchen cabinetry in orlando, fl

Our S&W kitchen designers will take careful inventory of everything you currently have in your kitchen as well as discuss how you plan to use your kitchen, so they can make the right storage recommendations for your unique needs and budget!   

custom kitchen cabinets with pull outs in orlando fl

2. Workstation Sinks

workstation sink for kitchen remodel

Everyone has different needs, but one area of the kitchen that always gets a ton of use is the sink.  If your budget allows, this is a great feature to spend a little extra time planning.  Workstation sinks are now offered by many manufacturers and include features like the example shown above --  a single, large undermount sink, with a colander, cutting board and drying rack that sit inside on a small lip and provide so much function.  

workstation sink for kitchen remodel

Our designers love the Galley brand workstation sinks which include several customizable features for prepping and cleaning. 

3. Layers of Lighting

kitchen island in tampa fl remodel

When planning your new kitchen, you'll want to incorporate  layers of light in your design.   Different areas and tasks require different lighting.  Consider multiple fixtures to cover each area.   

kitchen lighting in tampa florida remodel

This could include recessed ceiling fixtures to fill the room with ambient light, spotlights to illuminate work areas like the sink and stove, under cabinet lighting for countertop task areas,  pendant lights over an island, and windows to let in beautiful natural light during the day.

kitchen remodel in winter park florida

Lighting can also be a beautiful design statement for your kitchen remodel as you can see in the examples above.  Our designers often compare lighting to jewelry.  Like jewelry, lighting can be a stunning focal point or the added gem to a beautiful display. 

4. Kitchen Island

blue kitchen island in orlando florida remodel

A kitchen island is a must have feature because it's incredibly functional as well as a beautiful design element.  Incorporating a kitchen island into your remodel will not only add extra seating and storage, but it can also include a sink, cooktop, dishwasher or technology charging all while creating a central area for friends and family to gather.  

kitchen island in tampa home remodel

A kitchen island is also an excellent design opportunity to introduce a color, texture, new materials, beautiful pendant lighting and more! 

5. Quality Appliances

stovetop appliances in orlando fl kitchen remodel

Kitchens are made for cooking and your appliances will play a major factor in how much you enjoy preparing meals for you and your family.  Think of how often you cook and talk to your designer about appliances that will fit your needs. 

Above all else, your kitchen needs to work for you!

 What’s your cooking style? Are you an avid baker who needs a top-of-the-line, double-door oven? Do you avoid washing dishes at all costs and need an extra-large dishwasher?

double oven kitchen remodel in orlando fl

Maybe you entertain a lot.  You might want to add additional beverage refrigerator or wine storage to your kitchen. 

wine storage in custom kitchen in winter park fl

Your habits and cooking preferences will help you and your designer choose the best appliances for your kitchen.  If you have time, draft a list of the features you’re looking for in your appliances. Knowing what functions you value most will help your kitchen designer make the best recommendations for your space. 

6. Custom Vent Hood for Your Stove

custom ventilation hood in orlando fl kitchen remodel

While it's not the first thing most people think about when starting to dream about a new kitchen, a ventilation hood is a very important piece of the puzzle.  A ventilation hood removes steam, odors and grease from the air.  And,  because the appliance sits near eye level, it’s also an important visual element in the space. Many of our designers take it as an opportunity to create a beautiful design statement like in this beautiful custom ventilation hood designed by Tampa designer, Larissa Hicks. 

For more inspiration for your upcoming kitchen remodel, visit our portfolio

Ready to start talking with a designer?  Schedule your free consultation!

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