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6 Ideas to Rebuild Your Closet to a Dressing Room

November 29, 2021

Would you like to create a stylish and comfortable dressing room but are on a budget? You can easily rebuild your closet and turn it in a dressing room using these six ideas.

Cover the Closet’s Shelving and Hanging Area

An important feature of every dressing room is ambiance, which you can achieve by closing your closet’s shelving or hanging areas. You should consider adding cabinet doors for the clothes storage and closing them after use.

Closed doors will result in the room feeling decluttered and open. Additionally, you can add mirrors on the cabinet doors for a more dressing room appearance.

Add in a Closet Vanity

Have you ever shopped for a dressing table? The desk with a mirror and some cabinets accompanied with a chair is referred to as a closet vanity. Unfortunately, most closet dressing rooms skip the closet vanity step, the desk and chair used when putting on makeup.

If you like sitting and taking your time grooming, the closet vanity will be an important addition to your closet space. It is more convenient and comfortable than using a bathroom mirror.

Highlight Your Shoe Collection

If you pay close attention to dressing rooms, you will note that they all have one thing in common- emphasizing their footwear. Besides being footwear, shoes are also an art and can help add to the aesthetics of a room.

Have a shoe storage section that highlights your shoes. Put your shoes on display on open and attractive shelves where they will draw attention. If you want a clean look in your shoe storage, you can lock them away in glass doors to ensure they remain visible. Alternatively, if it is within your budget, buy a rotating shoe storage system if you have numerous pairs to display.

Incorporate Mirrors

How else can you see what you are doing in the dressing room than looking at a mirror? Always go for a good size mirror that gives a full reflection from your hair to your shoes. Therefore, consider getting a full-length mirror to check your entire collection before leaving home.

In most cases, you will need more than one mirror. Always consider adding in your mirrors next to each other and, if possible, form a 3-way mirror pattern.

Get Special Storage for Your Jewelry

Jewelry is sensitive and needs special storage, as do watches. To achieve a high-end dressing room, add in a touch of classy special jewelry storage. For example, a countertop jewelry box will help achieve a dressing room experience. If you have adequate room in your closet, you can go for a sit-down table.

A sit-down table appears similar to a vanity table but is exclusively designed for watches and jewelry. It has a lighted glass tabletop similar to those in jewelry stores. Despite not having a lot of jewelry to store, it is a considerable addition to the ultimate dressing room experience.

Fit in an In-Built Closet Dresser

Your dressing room will need an in-built dresser, an island, or a closet hutch. If possible, you can choose to add all the above. However, you can choose either of them depending on the size of your closet and its layout.

A closet drawer will hold most of your storage drawers. Remember your dressing room will replace most of the storage furniture. The idea is to have one place to store your clothes and accessories instead of moving them to your sleeping area.

Get Professional Help Turning Your Closet into a Dressing Room

Without professional skills and expertise, turning your closet into the dressing room you have always admired may seem out of reach. As professional remodeling contractors, we can turn your space into a customized dressing room. Get in touch with us today for your home remodeling needs.