2016 White Kitchens

July 16, 2016

Kitchen trends, by necessity, move a good deal slower than say gadgets, clothes or even cars. Even if you upgrade to the latest phone every year, follow the latest Paris runway styles and trade in your automobile every three years you probably don’t even consider remodeling your kitchen but once every 15 to 20 years.

Like all trends, those for kitchens tend to come back around in an updated, more modern way. This year, white kitchens are surging like never before, perhaps reflecting a desire for more light in our lives. Take a look at a few of our newest designs here or on our Portfolio page where you can filter specifically for White rooms!

The new white kitchen is a nostalgic reminder of the kitchens we grew up with; perhaps in a grandmother’s kitchen. Many times in that era a piece of furniture would be brought in as an additional work surface or storage area. Often it would have a different top, perhaps a piece of marble for rolling out dough and baking or wood butcher block for chopping.

Where there’s room, the new kitchens incorporate a similar island – the modern equivalent with better storage and seating areas to encourage interaction with the cook.

A kitchen remodel using the latest in appliances, surfaces, technology and design for work flow gives you every modern convenience. Sometimes, you really can’t get better than the original – note the large, deep farmhouse sinks in many of these remodels!

The new light and bright kitchens add to the desired sense of openness that is sought after in everything from open floor plans, natural light and an inviting space.

In every style, from Traditional to Contemporary and Transitional to Modern, the white kitchen is becoming a timeless classic for every family.