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2012 Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

October 5, 2012

A recent article that appeared on the Boston Globe’s website in the House and Home section featured 9 Hot Trends in Kitchen Design.

If you follow the Holiday Kitchens Blog – you probably have noticed we like to discuss current trends and what we are seeing in the industry. We definitely agree with these top four trends:

1. CLEANER, MORE MODERN LINES “Perhaps the biggest change to hit the Northeast in recent years is the simpler, sleeker look coming over from Europe. Designers term this look “transitional” — that is, modern but with a classic take.

2. VARIED CABINET CHOICES “Among the most popular new designs are those with doors that open not with the traditional left or right swing, but by lifting up garage-door-style, by retracting into the sides of the cabinet, by operating as a bi-fold, or even by sliding.”

3. LESS ‘MATCHY MATCHY’ “Maybe a decade ago, a style began to emerge that has by now become practically de rigueur for designers: a kitchen island in materials or colors unlike those found at the room’s perimeter.”

4. MAXIMIZED SPACE “The trend toward organizing and simple lines is forcing kitchen designers to use every inch of space as efficiently as possible. It starts with the frameless look and extends to pullout drawers in the cabinets that allow the whole 24-inch depth to be used rather than just the front, spacious refrigerated beverage drawers in the island, and pullout spice racks as narrow as 3 inches in what once might have been dead space.”

Originally posted by Holiday Kitchens.