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May 12, 2023

10 Blue Kitchen Island Ideas from Our Designers

1. Beautiful White Kitchen with a Navy Blue Island

There's nothing boring about this beautiful white kitchen with pops of luxurious navy blues.  There are so many design elements at play that make this room incredible from the beautiful navy blue accents, the quartz countertop with beautiful veining, the metallic hardware and pendants, the open shelving, and last but not least the unexpected vertical contrast created by encasing the refrigerator in the same navy color as the island.    

S&W Kitchens Designer, Krista Agapito, Winter park, FL 

2. Condo Kitchen with Light Blue Green Island 

This beautiful Winter Park kitchen may be short on square footage, but definitely not on style! We love how our designer combined the white cabinetry  and backsplash with pops of light blue green on the island and accent walls.  

S&W Kitchens Designer, Chris Druschel, Winter Park 

3. Vintage Charm for a Lakeside Kitchen Remodel featuring a Stunning Deep Blue Island

Our client asked us to completely remodel and update their Seminole County lakeside kitchen while keeping the vintage charm intact.  Mission accomplished!  

S&W Kitchens Designer, Sarah Bartelson, Longwood

4. White and Light Blue Two-Toned Kitchen

White cabinetry is contrasted with a light blue island  and cabinets.  Black hardware adds a point of drama to the space.  Open shelving with storage for cookbooks and produce complements this casual kitchen well.

S&W Kitchens Designer, Mollie Furrie, Longwood 

5. Colorful & Fun Ormond Beach Kitchen with a Blue Island 

This family wanted their kitchen to reflect their personality with fun beach vibes.  Blue is their favorite color so they choose a saturated shade of blue for their island which contrasts beautifully with the white cabinetry and colorful sea urchin inspired pendant lighting.  Take a closer look at this beautiful and fun kitchen design.

S&W Kitchens Designer, Chris Druschel – Winter Park, FL 

6. Gorgeous White Kitchen with a Beachy Blue Island 

blue kitchen island, kitchen island, kitchen remodel

This project was a whole home remodel in Tampa, FL.  Our clients told us they wanted a functional home that also reflected their personalities.  While the appeal of timeless neutrals for their home was strong,  they knew they wanted to add layers of color to make it more fun. Designer Larissa Hicks took a chance and showed them a much brighter blue tone for the kitchen island based on some artwork they had. They loved it!   Take a closer look at this project.

S&W Kitchens Designer, Larissa Hicks – Tampa, FL 

7. White and Blue Two Toned Kitchen with Matching Pendant Lighting 

blue kitchen island, blue cabinets, kitchen remodel

This blue and white transitional kitchen packs in loads of function and style. Upper white cabinets provide storage and help emphasize the room’s height. The glass cabinets offer the opportunity to show off collectibles like this blue and white pottery collection.  Large island in a deep blue finish offers more storage and the matching blue pendants add a fun touch.

S&W Kitchens Designer, Lacie Rice – Tampa, FL 

8. Nautical Kitchen with a Deep Gray Blue Island 

blue kitchen island, nautical kitchen, white kitchen cabinets

This Tampa, FL cottage got a fresh look with a nautical inspired design featuring crisp white kitchen cabinets and a deep gray/blue island as the focal point.  Read more to learn how our designer helped this homeowner upgrade their island for less

S&W Kitchens Designer, Rosemarie Szedula – Tampa, FL 

9. Eclectic Kitchen with a Blue Island and Gold Accents 

blue kitchen island

This gorgeous condo got a makeover that included removing several walls to create an open concept design.  We love how the deep blue island serves as a focal point in the mostly white space along with the beautiful brushed gold pendant lighting and terracotta vent hood.

S&W Kitchens Designer, Rosemarie Szedula – Tampa, FL 

10. Small Modern Condo Kitchen with a Deep Navy Blue Island 

blue and white kitchen, blue kitchen island

This small kitchen got a much needed facelift with gorgeous white cabinetry, navy blue island and gold accents via the lighting and hardware!

S&W Kitchens Designer, Larissa Hicks – Tampa, FL 

For more kitchen inspiration from our design team, visit our portfolio.

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